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Travail & Solidarité

The Travail & Solidarité organisation

The Travail et Solidarité non-profit organisation provides services to both individuals and businesses. It was created in 1987 in Perpignan. It has two main purposes :

- on the one hand, it provides proximity services to individuals, businesses, organisations and local authorities in the area ;

- on the other hand, it helps people to find employment. 


After listening to the client, Travail et Solidarité provides him with skilled employees. The duration of the contract can be short-term or long-term ; a minimum of 2 hours is required for each task. The organisation signs a work contract with the employee, and a contract of assignment with the client. At the end of the month, the client signs the timesheet made by the employee. Then, the organisation sends a payslip to the employee, and a bill to the client.

Our values

The values of Travail et Solidarité are the ones of social economy :


Proximity is one of the founding principles of the organisation. Clients are thus assured of meeting a careful listening, serious employees and a monitoring of services.


Since its beginnings, the organisation has been developing relationships based on solidarity between individuals.

Social and professional support

Within the organisation, the employees have a social and professional support : professional guidance, help for administrative procedures.


Tel : 04 68 51 11 89

Travail et Solidarité in figures

-28 years experience

-200 employees each year


Travail et Solidarité is a member of the Alliance des associations intermédiaires du Languedoc-Roussillon, of Alliance 66 and of the FNARS (Fédération Nationale des Associations de Réinsertion Sociale).